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Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Heroes Global Championship and made this journey so memorable.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the dumbest thing I've ever made:

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One of the most fun jobs I ever had was figuring out how to embed the serial number of your Xbox 360 into rings emanating from the bottom right, so we could track and identify leaks

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Only 121 more joke accounts need to follow me and then I'll be at the devil number

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"Formal specification is okay for aerospace systems but I'm working on a website."

Stop denigrating yourself. You're being paid a software engineer's salary because you're working on hard software problems. Your employer thinks your time is valuable, so why don't you?

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Coroutine support for Clojure | redd.it/a3i16a

@foozmeat for moa.party, is there any way you can think of to better support cross linking threads? This toot (royalaid.me/@admin/10119021231) really is about retweeting the thread (twitter.com/DomKM/status/10704) and that is mostly lost on cross posting. Thanks again for Moa!

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At , @LilyMGoh@twitter.com and I spoke about "Robust APIs with .spec & ".
But that video is not what Clojure/conj attendees saw. This is that story...

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A question for users joining from Tumblr: Show more

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Breaking into ATM machine in 7 minutes.

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Idea for something I'd love to see and don't have time to do:

Hashfaker, a tool which generates visual hash collisions, e.g. first and last n characters of a hash, rather than a real hash collision. Most people (incl. me) visually scan the start and end, not the whole thing.

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